Lend & Profit

Up to 50% monthly. eGold Lending Platform is scheduled to start in 4 weeks.

As most lending platforms, the more eGold you invest, the faster you will have your eGold released. Although, we hope to also create interesting investing plans for smaller investors.

You will also have an option to burn your reward, creating a lower supply, raising the price of all other tokens. This can be a very interesting option for those ones holding a big amount of eGold.

The biggest lending plan will start from 200,000 eGold, and we are currently exploring many extra opportunities for people holding over this amount of eGold.

Read more about our platform here: https://medium.com/@eGoldToken/our-lending-platform-details-updates-75a0e9264805

Clear Goals

Trade & Exchange
To make the trading and exchange of eGold very simple and accessible, especially to other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.
Spend eGold Online & Offline
To make spending of the eGold token possible online and in offline environments by launching our prepaid debit cards & structuring partnerships with offline merchants.
Betting & Gambling
To allow users to place bids and gamble with eGold, to make it attractive to gaming fans and the bidding and betting community by creating a eSports betting platform.
Practical Use Cases
To achieve popularity in various online communities.

Why eGold?


Faster transactions speed than Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash & Ethereum.


eGold is an ERC20 Ethereum token, the fastest & safest token standard based on the Ethereum network.


Fair distribution. Over 97% was airdropped to create an exciting community around eGold.


eGold can be used in any dApp, smart contract and can be easily transferred to any Ethereum wallet.
Also, eGold can be easily added to any ERC20 supported exchange.


Cheaper price and transactions allow eGold to be easily adopted by merchants across the globe.


Easy to trade, available on EtherDelta and soon in YoBit, CoinExchange, Cryptopia & others.


* Please note that this roadmap doesn’t feature our latest changes: the creation of our lending platform as requested by our token holders.

Our Buy Back Program

We have been told that one of the problems with eGold is the volume, which tends to be low (even when it highly increased over the last few days). To solve this problem, we have came up with a solution: a buy-back program.

Our solution aims to re-buy over 10% of the coins every year, which will be a reserve of eGold. We also believe that this buy-back program will increase our token value, as we will hold the coins.

Another possibility is to burn the coins after the buy-back program, which would drastically raise the price of all the other tokens, as the supply would go 10% less every year, making our token more rare as years come by.

Mobile Platform

A mobile platform to easily manage your crypto investments and transfer eGold globally within minutes.

About our Token

Total Supply: 20,000,000
Symbol: EGOLD
Decimal Points: 18
Contract Address: 0x6025F65f6b2f93d8eD1efeDc752acfd4bdbCec3E

Open Future

Big, bold, yet simple plans.

Strong Value

We plan to create a strong value for eGold by incentivizing merchants to allow the use of eGold in their platforms. Also, we plan to create our own open market where anyone can sell items for eGold.

+ Security


Available on EtherDelta, and very soon in YoBit, CoinExchange, Cryptopia & others. We believe that more exchanges can create more visibility and value for token holders, which will help mass adoption.

+ Visibility


We hope to see a massive adoption of eGold. More token holders create more stability in the price, and create less speculation than a market dominated by “whales”.

+ Value

Join the Team

Are you a developer, writer, designer, translator or just eGold lover? Contact us and help us spread eGold around the world.

A Global Cryptocurrency

We want to create a massively adopted token,
and so we will be translating our website and future whitepaper in multiple languages to reach users from other countries and regions.